The Holy Child

A Christmas Cantata for S.A.T.B with Soprano, Alto, and Baritone soloists, narrator, and piano or orchestral accompaniment


Holy Child


I.                 A Great Light

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light.”

Orchestral accompaniment MP3


II.            The Annunciation/The Magnificat

“My soul doeth magnify the Lord.”

Orchestral Accompaniment MP3


III.        He Was Born in a Stable Bare

“Angels call to the shepherds, while a bright, shining star leads the way.”

Orchestral Accompaniment MP3


IV.           Hallelujah

“Hallelujah, glory to God, glory to God in the highest.”

Orchestral Accompaniment MP3


V.                The Holy Child

“For He is worthy to receive the power and wealth and wisdom and strength and glory and honor and praise!”

Orchestral Accompaniment MP3


        My deepest gratitude goes to my dear friend and organist extraordinaire, W. Robert (Uncle Bob) Mahns for his invaluable help and inexhaustible patience not only in helping me with the vocal arrangements, but also for the fact that his fingerprints are all over the piano arrangement.


        The cantata is dedicated with all my love to my family: Paul, Shirley, Patti, Jackie, Joe, Caitlyn, Jackson and Molly.


        The Holy Child is approximately 20 minutes of music with approximately 10 minutes of readings.  It can be performed without the readings but I highly recommend using them.  A PDF version of the S.A.T.B. choral arrangement with piano accompaniment is available upon request.  I do not charge for the electronic version of the cantata but I do ask that you register your use of the songs with CCLI or OneLicense if you are a  member of one of these Christian Licensing organizations and are in a reporting period.  Hard copies are available for $5.00 (US Currency) each.  If you wish to use the orchestral accompaniment, PDF files of the orchestral parts are available as well. 

Some Legal Mumbo Jumbo

You must have my permission to perform the cantata and you must have separate permission if you intend to record it.  If you plan to distribute the recordings please let me know what are your plans for distribution.  I may choose to waive my right to a mechanical fee but that decision will need to be made on an individual basis.  I also need to give specific permission if you wish to change or re-write any portion of the cantata.


Please email all requests to:



A Humble Request

(Well, maybe not quite so humble J)

        One of the great joys of being a songwriter is hearing others interpret your music, so if your group performs “The Holy Child” I would delight in receiving a recording or video of the performance.


Thank you!


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