††††† Following are some links that are important to me for one reason or another.Several are links to musician friends of mine, (And Iím sure I neednít remind you to support local music!!)Some are programs or products that I have found to be worthwhile, and some are just for fun.Happy Surfing!

††††††† A link to a video of the Light of Hope Youth Choir performing parts 1 through 3 of my Christmas Cantata ďThe Holy ChildĒ in Russian

††††††† A link to the conclusion of the Light of Hope Youth Choirís performance of my cantata, ďThe Holy ChildĒ

††††††† A fellow Monmouth Regional and Berklee alumnus, church music director, and a heck of a keyboard player

††††††† Iíve known about Nancy and her music for years but just had the pleasure of meeting her this past summer.We used two of her songs at a local composerís concert at our church and I absolutely loved them both!Make sure to check out ďIf You Love MeĒ, itís a great song and O so much fun to play!

††††††† A member of my church and our praise teamís guitarist, Fred is a dear friend, a dear brother in Christ, and a terrific guitar player who makes our whole praise team better by his presence.

††††††† A former music director at Hope introduced me to the music of Brian Elias.Waiting for the Flood joined us for the local composerís concert at Hope this past summer and it was a blast playing with them.Not only is their music wonderfully written and played, but Brian does an awesome job fronting the band and using his introductions to bring some serious weight to the gospel message.

††††††† Dennis is a fellow Monmouth Regional, Berklee, AND Royales Alumnus.A sensational drummer and, even though we havenít seen each other in years, still someone I consider a good friend.Check out the music on his page.Itís well worth the listen!

††††††† Sally DeFord is a wonderfully talented songwriter writing music for LDS and other Christian use.

††††††† I first heard Amyís music on a songwriterís website.She is a truly gifted songwriter with a beautiful singing voice.

Jihye is a Korean composer and Berklee alum with a wonderful and fascinating style that blends jazz with a modern and somewhat classical approach.Difficult to describe, take a listen and youíll understand.

††††††† Noteworthy Composer is a wonderful and intuitive program for writing, recording, and printing music.Evaluation version and freeware player are available on the site and the full version is $49.00, considerably less than most of the composer software thatís out there.Iíve used this software for years and I give it my most enthusiastic recommendation.

††††††† Synthfont is a donate-ware program that uses Sound Blasterô sound fonts to render midi files into wav files.With a little practice and some patience searching the web for free sound fonts you can create some very realistic sounding music from midi files and do so on a shoestring.

††††††† A wealth of free or moderately priced sound fonts that can be used with the SynthFont program

††††††† The finest school in the world for contemporary music, but donít take my word for it!Just ask any of the 100 Berklee alumni who have won 231 Grammys, not to mention 5 Oscars, 24 Emmys, and 2 Tonys.

††††††† Berklee Press is affiliated with the Berklee College of Music and features a wealth of educational material for musicians.Berklee Press is a great resource for musicians covering a wide range of subjects and skill sets from beginner to advanced professional.

††††††† The website for Hope Presbyterian Church in Tinton Falls, NJ.Hope is my home church and a truly wonderful body of believers.Itís a small church but we have been blessed with a wonderful music program.If you live in the Central Jersey area, please come and pay us a visit.

My Soundcloud page

My Christian Music SoundClick Page

My Reverb Nation Page

My Orfium Page of Miscellaneous Music

My Lush Life Music Page:Big band arrangements available for sale in the UK/

My E-Jazz Lines page:US Distributor for Lush Life Music

††††††† 4 Praise and Free Praise and Worship are mirror sites that feature downloads of praise and worship music from a multitude of composers.

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