Big band jazz is my first musical love!  While I initially found concert band music to be uninspiring, discovering big band music lit a fire in me that has only grown with age and experience.  Whether I am playing trombone, writing, arranging, or just listening, I find a big band firing on all cylinders to be one of the most joyous experiences in all of music.


Below are several of my big band originals or arrangements, with one small ensemble jazz piece.  All but “Kitty’s Waltz” are recordings of midis and I apologize for that, but YOU could help me out here.  If you play in a big band and would like to record one of my arrangements please let me know!  With the exception of “The Sorcerer” which would have to be purchased, I will gladly supply copies of the other arrangements at no charge in exchange for a decent recording.


Kitty’s Waltz

      “Kitty’s Waltz” is written for 8/5 big band.  A jazz waltz with the melody passed around to all sections it’s an upbeat piece that is fun to play and not too difficult.  The recording was made with musicians literally recruited from the halls of Berklee and recorded on the second take.  The very talented Berklee professor Tony Germain played the piano solo.  The “Kitty’s Waltz” arrangement is available for purchase from Lush Life Music in the UK and is distributed by E Jazz Lines in the US.  The song is dedicated to my wife, Jackie.


The Sorcerer

        “The Sorcerer” is another 8/5 big band piece.  Written with an ostinato bass line the song has an almost ethereal quality.  An interesting chord progression on the bridge provides a contrast to the simple harmonic structure of the verse.  “The Sorcerer” arrangement is available for purchase from Lush Life Music in the UK and is distributed by E Jazz Lines in the US.


You’re A Part of Me

        “You’re A Part of Me” is a small ensemble jazz piece with a driving rhythm and what I would imagine is a pretty challenging bass line.  Written for trumpet and trombone (Of course!) with rhythm section and Latin percussion I am very much looking forward to making a live recording of this someday soon.  The arrangement as recorded is not opened for solos but certainly has that capacity.


God’s Love

        As a songwriter I don’t always have control over the form of the music I write.  (I’ve always said that when writing music I feel more like the secretary transcribing the letter than I do the boss dictating it.)  It was a pleasant surprise to me when I realized that this piece of Christian music needed a big band accompaniment!  “God’s Love” allowed me to combine two of my passions, big bands and sharing the gospel in song.  This arrangement is available for free to any Christian Big Band that would like to perform the piece.


As Time Goes By

        An uncharacteristically up-tempo arrangement of this jazz standard, “As Time Goes By” is arranged for 8/5 big band and features an extended tenor sax solo and opening and closing statements by the trombones (Who else?).


Our Love/Foggy Day

        My personal favorite from my arrangements, “Our Love/Foggy Day” is an arrangement for 8/5 big band that combines two jazz standards.  Beginning with a statement of each of the melodies, the arrangement then opens for traded trumpet and alto sax solos before juxtaposing the two melodies against each other, then restating the Foggy Day melody before punctuating the ending with the Our Love motif.


        Constructive comments and suggestions are always appreciated.  If you would like to have your jazz ensemble perform any of my unpublished arrangements please contact me at:  Email


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