My Choral Music

Psalm 24

“Lift up your heads, o ye gates, and be lifted up ye everlasting doors”

A challenging arrangement of a popular psalm, “Psalm 24” is arranged for piano and SSATBB with a tenor solo.

Psalm 24


Psalm 47

“Clap your hands all ye nations shout to God with cries of joy!”

An S.A.T.B. arrangement inspired by a Hebrew musical style, “Psalm 47” is a joyous up-tempo anthem for general worship use.

Psalm 47


Let Me Live For You

“Lord, show the world your love through me, Lord, let me live faithfully.  Caring for all people in love, Lord, let your light shine through me”

A simple S.A.T.B. arrangement with a lot of unison and two-part work and a flowing piano part, this is a great anthem for general use.  A recording of this anthem sung by the Ocean Grove Great Auditorium Choir is available here.

Let Me Live


Who Is This King

“Where is this King, this Price of Peace whom Heaven and Earth adore?  Where is this Man who’ll heal our souls?  He won’t wait too much more.”

A simple S.A.T.B. choral arrangement, “Where Is This King” is written for use at Advent.



“Who Am I”

“Who am I, that when I sometimes lose my way, I can always turn and find you waiting there; not because of what I’ve done, or because of what I say, but because your promise still is true today.”

An introspective praise and worship song arranged for men’s quartet.  This anthem is good for general use.



“And thank you Lord, for happiness; the joy I find in Your Name.  And thank you Lord, for knowing me… and loving me just the same”

A new arrangement of a very personal and very introspective prayer in song.  This anthem features a sparse piano or organ accompaniment and some close harmonies in the choral parts.  This is an anthem appropriate for general use.





Choral arrangements are not covered under CCLI or OneLicense.  If you are interested in performing any of my choral music it is available through    If you have any trouble finding or purchasing any of my choral arrangements, please do email me.  I will do whatever I can to help.


Since I attend a very small church, I have not had the opportunity to make high quality recordings of my choral music in house (And doing studio recordings is prohibitively expensive).  I will gladly trade a sufficient number of copies of any of my choral arrangements for a well performed, near studio quality recording of any of my choral works.  If you are interested, please email me at Email


As with all of my music, if you perform any of my choral music I would love to have a recording or video of the performance!


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